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June 24, 2017

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Advance Computer Architecture - OC

Optical Computing: The next generation

Entirely optical computers will be invented in future .We will see light without logic .Optical devices will take place inside computers. NASA Scientists are working for that. The Ministry of Information Technology has initiated a photonic development program. Under this program some funded projects are continuing in fiber optic high-speed network systems. Research is going on for developing new laser diodes, photo detectors, and nonlinear material studies for faster switches. Optical computer networking will introduced in future....

Fig : Next generation Optical networking and optical computer | Source : Google Images

Scientist discovered an inch-long Amazonian beetle could hold the key to next-generation optical computer chips. They found significant path for making today’s light computer after researching on naturally possessed of a molecular arrangement.

Fig : Brazilian Beetles Hold Key to Faster Computers|   Source :

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