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June 24, 2017

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Advance Computer Architecture - OC


This is small research (term paper ) what i have done in CEG 433- Advance Computer Architecture Course

General meaning of the optical computing is the light computing. A computation that’s uses laser beam instead of electric current is optical computer. In other word a computer in which all internal circuits uses light instead of electricity. Optical computing was the hot research topic in 1980’s but for the limitation of materials it was not implemented. Engineers are still trying to implement a complete optical computer but for that enormous hurdle has to overcome though they made some significant progress in this filed.

The growth of modern technology need Super fast computation and for that the idea of optical computing. It is the most promising technology for faster processing speed, for better connectivity, as well as higher bandwidth. In the world of massively parallel computers, scientists are working on free-space backplanes in which optical signal makes the connection. Light Signal can cross paths without affecting the information that received at their destination. On this Einstein realized that the speed of light—about 186,000 miles per second—is constant whether it comes from a moving source such as a speeding car's headlights or an unmoving source such as a ceiling light. So if we can make a complete optical computer it will be faster that anyone ever thinks.

In recent years, a number devices, specially by IBM , have already been manufactured that can ultimately lead us to real optical computers . These include optical gates ( AND /OR ) , switches , data transmission etc . The present invented architecture is capable of providing outputs which are Boolean logical AND/OR operations on specific combinations of binary input bits. An arbitrary user instruction may be decomposed by Shannon’s theorem and DeMorgan’s Law and things differ in Silicon Photonic technology.

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