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June 24, 2017

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My Study University CEG Major My researches CEG 499 ( final year )

CEG 499 (final year project )

Bluetooth Video Streaming

My final year project on Bluetooth video streaming -

Accepted for The 8th international conference on Wireless communication , networking and mobile Computing (wicom 2012).

Indexed by IEEE :


Draft Presentation without development part:

Some files that have been referred in paper are given below :

1. Yuv Video File ( for vsebt_ed) - YUV video sequence file [6] contains 329 frames and 10.97 seconds in duration.

2. AVi video file ( for vsebt_rtp) - AVI (MPEG-4 - Xvid, DivX compatible, contains both audio and video) format file [6]

3. Jitter program

4. Video Transmission ( Improper timing sample ) - sender & receiver

5. Live example

Cygwin ns2 complete installation guide -



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