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-If you do something bad off course someone will do same thing with you. Sure you will suffer near future.

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June 24, 2017

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My Study School

Dinajpur Zilla School

Memorable 9 years i, lots of Friends; this is my school -Dinazpur Zilla School . From class three to Ten i studied there . I passed my SSC in 2003. I am from science background . In school time my favorite subject was Biology . i cutted frog . Different type of experiment i did with one of my close friend . First we used salt water to senseless frog . After that we tied the frog with rope and next the beastly killing part . we waited for the sense back of the frog and once sense is back we start doing the live operation , just trying to know what is happening inside the frog when it live .lol New experience but lack of kindness .lol

Dinajpur was once a part of the ancient state of Pundravardhana. Devkot which rotated as capital of Lakhnauti was located 11 miles south of Dinajpur town. The British administrative control in Dinajpur was established in 1793. At the time of Partition of Bengal in 1947, part of greater Dinajpur district was included in West Bengal and it was named West Dinajpur. People of the district took part in the Tebhaga Movement and also had significant contribution in the War of Liberation of 1971.

Some Snap Shot Of my School