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June 24, 2017

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Welcome To My World


Hello, imR here, now with joomla framework . I started learning Joomla from 31st august 2010 and within two weeks i hosted this site. Before that i don't had any basic concept about this framework. Actually i gained knowledge from different service packs from internet and found out that it's really so easy than others. As it is my first site with joomla framework so i would like to give a name which is imR version 1.0. I have lots of plan in future to develop it to become much more attractive.Shopping section will be enriched with more facility and there will be community inside entertainment , in next version.


Check out the Entertainment inside miscellaneous. I added some funny clip from my collection.I will add more later .btw if you like my site please leave by with your gracious comment , i will be really happy to see your comments ..

  • loading:If you are facing problem in loading please let me know, also please inform me if there are any broken links .


There is a download directory; please check, you might find some free extension that you are looking for. I also added some of my research in study section . If it is helpful let me know and also if you like to help me in my next research i will be very thankful to you. Finally if you like my site and you want a clone of this kind of site please ask me ,i wont take much. We can do some consult through msn.

And One more information, if you are looking for ERP software or Accounting Software, then look at SapphireOne. It is good one.

  • I will try to add technical related experience time to time in computer works section.More info here


Check out the new modern attractive layout . If you want any of them for your site , just bid and contact with me . Within 2 weeks it will be yours ...