IELTS - Governments should spend money on railways

IELTS Writing Task 2  - Governments should spend money on railways rather than roads.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Even though there are substantial amount of research conducted over the topic  effective method of transportation systems,  this issue is still a controversial topic in many countries. Travelling via train save the most precious time and energy  than travelling via road. It also reduces traffic congestion  and lessens the air pollution. Some people have argued that it is not convenient to establish railway platform everywhere that’s why government should subsidies heavily on road, efficient traffic system and introduce more public busses.  Although, there are some difficulty in introducing railway system everywhere but the benefit of  resolving traffic problems,  saving travelling time and reducing air pollution is more beneficial.


Railway system involves both metro,  subway & tram system. Introducing railway is time consuming and expensive and it requires proper planning, effort and management. Compared to these,  with less effort road system can be improved. For example, If government increases the traffic police number and launch more busses in all route, then people will be able to arrive on time with less hassle. However, as population is growing for this reason railway system would be the ultimate solution for public transportation as more people can be fit in train than bus.


An improved railway system can bring great benefit to environment. If the railway system is introduced everywhere then people will feel comfortable to travel via train or tram. The use of car, busses will be lessened as a result the air will be less polluted from toxic gasses. In addition, productivity of human will be increased as train journey is not that tiresome compared to road journey. For example, in order to  travel 30km in bus, it usually takes 1 hour as roads are busy with various kind of vehicles but train can cover this distance within 30 minute.


Although, road system is the easiest mean of communication and people travel via road frequently, government should improve the railway system and make it available for every people in every area because it is the future. Therefore, in my opinion, government should invest money to improve the railway system in order to cope up with modern fast world.